About Us

Our Mission
Design & develop skincare products that are highly effective, safe and premium quality with minimal environmental impact and combine with timeless routines for a natural ageless appearance. 
Behind Our Brand
MIROKAL is a Canadian designer brand.
It is composed of a professional team of a brand designer and a cosmetic business family that has a long history of
rich refined research and product development experiences.
Together, have created and built up an exceptional quality skincare and cosmetics brand
with a luxury designer aesthetic and fashion taste.
MIROKAL: Good taste starts with skin care, because everlasting beauty begins with exceptional skincare.
Brand Story
We are a group of individuals who are passionate about life experiences and experts at beauty and skincare.
We believe, we as humans are born to create miracles in life.
Every individual’s life is ultimately unique and one of a kind making it a wondrous miracle. With this belief in mind,
we launched MIROKAL, pronounced as mir•a•cle [mir-i-kel]. We aim to create desirable yet affordable luxurious products
in fashion,beauty and cosmetics for our customers in the spirit of creating miracles.
Our Statement of the "MIROKAL" Concept
MIROKAL =  Miracle  Inspiration for  Renewing one's Optimism of Knowledge for an Age-defying  Lifestyle.  
A= Age-defying
Brand Design Director
C. J. is the Brand Design Director behind the brand MIROKAL.
She embodies the concept of smart, sensible fashion, smart buying and advocates the philosophy of affordable luxury.
Key components to her design philosophy include pleasing aesthetic, eco friendly concepts and value adding features.
Her desire/ultimate goal is to design fashionable aesthetic products to satisfy the human needs of everyday individuals.
Most importantly, above all, she strives to make an outstanding and positive impact on society for
her customers by contributing to her community through her iconic designs.
C. J. has been passionate about aesthetic fashion since she was very young and honed these skills to date.
She has received several nominations and awards through intense design
competitions and has held positions in the past such as buyer, brand manager,
fashion designer, fashion design analyst, and fashion magazine columnist contributor/planner.