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The meaning of the logo design on the bag is a breakthrough with force of rebellion. The inspiration comes from the luxurious life of ancient European royals where at the time; lots of people struggled to survive, fought for liberation from the bondage of social hierarchies, and had a hunger for freedom. Many love stories occurred, many individuals wanted to break the hierarchy, emperors had wars in which they competed with each other for power and authority. Humans fought as a form of survival and strived to become heroes. Thus, the logo design includes elements of independence, courage, individuality, and the motivation for seeking freedom. “ M ” also is a symbol for money, so the character used on the bag represents big fortune and luck. The first classic Monogram Mirror Lady hand / tote bag 《 MIROKAL Classic Monogram Collection 》 mixes the elements of an ancient European gold coin with geometric futuristic style. The Bag itself use pvc mirror leather embossed with the design elements: ancient European gold coin with M Monogram pattern design, presents a modest luxurious style, and expresses a good taste fashion. The shape of the bag emphasis a 3D three-dimensional angled design, which is fashionable. In addition to the 3D design, it increases the bag’s capacity making it function. Modest luxury, elegance and class, exquisite quality, high-end quality workmanship, easy to mix and match with your outfits, long lasting and is a timeless piece. It is absolutely an item you must have, an affordable luxurious classical bag that worth collecting for your wardrobe.